The Importance of Strengthening Your Core

Having a strong core is not just all about having great-looking abs. The benefits of having and maintaining a strong core go far beyond appearance. As a chiropractor, I am aware that back pain is a common side effect of having a weak core. When your core is weak it affects your posture, and puts a lot a strain on your lower back. A weak core pulls against your spine, causing subluxations (misalignments), which can irritate and pinch the nerves in the lower spine — causing you pain.

Benefits of Having a Strong Core

  • A strong core helps maintain good posture
    Poor posture is often related to muscle imbalances, when the muscles of your lower back and abdomen do not have the same relative strength. When you sit at a desk for eight hours a day this tends to weaken abdominal, hip, pelvis, and back muscles. Individuals with weak core muscles tend to slouch a lot. Strong core muscles will help you stand and sit up straight, which strangers she will let and projects confidence.

  • Lady holding a plank positionA strong core lowers your risk of injury
    Having a strong core increases the stability throughout your midsection, allowing you to bend and lift without straining your lower back muscles. The strong core also helps improve your balance, which as you get older will reduce your risk of falling.

  • A strong core reduces the chance of sciatica problems
    The sciatic nerves originate in lower back and run all the way down your legs. Individuals often get sciatica when their lower back, lumbar spine, is pulled out of position. When your core is weak, the abdominal and lower back muscles do not properly support the spine, as a result, there is increased pressure on the spine causing subluxations, and irritating or pinching the sciatic nerves.

  • A strong core makes everyday activities easier to accomplish
    The strong core makes it much easier to accomplish every day tasks and activities such as: picking up your children, mowing the lawn, carrying grocery bags, moving furniture, bending over to pick something up off the floor, and even cleaning house.

  • A strong core helps as you participate in sports and outdoor activities
    Many sports such as golf, tennis, swimming, running, softball, and even throwing a frisbee require a strong core as you bend and twist while frequently using the muscles of your lower back and abdomen. A strong core also allows you to better control your movements, and provides a strong foundation as you swing, lift, run, and throw.

These are just some of the benefits of having in maintaining a strong core. At Aligned Health Chiropractic we are concerned about whole patient wellness, and having a strong core is part of that. Please call our office at 757.395.6925 and arrange for a consultation. We will evaluate your current health status, make sure your spine is properly aligned, and put together a series of exercises, designed specifically for you, to help you strengthen your core. If you find this article to be helpful, please recommend it to your family and friends.