Headaches and Chiropractic Care

Many people suffer from headaches on a daily or regular basis. The statistics say that 9 out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches, but that doesn't mean headaches should be a common everyday occurrence. Headaches are a symptom of underlying problems that need to be taken care of. Research has proven 95% of all headaches originate in the neck (cervical spine). When you have misalignments (subluxations) in the neck, the vertebrae in the neck are unable to move properly, and put pressure on the nerves. This interferes with the function of the central nervous system and causes headaches. If you allow your headaches to go uncorrected, and your cervical spine is not properly aligned, not only will you continue to have headaches, but you can also develop other problems.

The #1 cause of headaches is subluxations, or misalignments, of the vertebrae that put pressure on the nerves in your neck. Stress, whether it is physical, mental and emotional stress, or chemical, is the leading cause of subluxations.

  1. Physical Stresses include but are not limited to:
    • Poor posture: whether standing, sitting, sleeping etc.
    • Muscle strains / sprains or injuries from slips, falls, accidents, or sports

  2. Man with a headacheMental and Emotional Stresses
    • Financial stress
    • Poor Sleep or rest, or the lack thereof
    • Self esteem
    • Stress at work
    • Stress over family and relationships
    • Stress over our health
    • What we choose to focus on and think about

  3. Chemical Stresses: What we put into our bodies
    • Drugs and medications
    • Not drinking adequate amounts of water
    • Poor air quality
    • Poor nutrition — eating too many processed or fried and fatty foods, sodas, white flour, and sugar
    • Poor water quality

Chiropractic care and the treatment of headaches

At Aligned Health Chiropractic we successfully treat patients for headaches without the use of pills or any medications. Unlike pills, which temporarily mask the pain, chiropractic care gently realigns the subluxations, or misalignments, so your neck is in proper alignment, correcting the source of the headaches, and providing relief from headache pain.

Individuals who are dealing with headaches caused by pressure on the nerves, are often dealing with other problems that are related to the same subluxations (misalignments). These problems can be high blood pressure, anxiety, problems sleeping, fatigue, ear infections, sinus congestion, immune system issues, or even numbness and tingling into the hands and arms. Most of these problems develop over time if subluxations go untreated. That is why it is important to realize that headaches are not normal, but are a warning that you potentially have other problems.

Chiropractors are trained healthcare professionals that have the ability to locate and correct the under lying cause of your headaches. At Aligned Health Chiropractic, before treating any headache issue we will do a full consultation and examination including orthopedic, neurological, physical exams, and x-rays if necessary. Once we have determined the actual cause of your pain, we will put together a plan to correct your problem, restore normal function and range of motion, and remove the cause of your pain.

Contact Aligned Health Chiropractic at 757.395.6925 to arrange for your consultation today. Headaches are a common problem that we successfully treat every day, but it is important to correct any problem you may have now to avoid major problems in the future. Please recommend this article to friends and family members who may be dealing with headaches.