What are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture not only targets pain but balances all the bodies systems including the immune system. After an individual starts acupuncture they should see some form of result within 2 weeks. Results vary from case to case. There are two types of treatment, one for physical aches and pains such as muscle strain/sprain, shoulder pain, neck pain, low back pain, disc injury, ankle pain and headaches. Two would be the treatment for body energy including autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, fatigue, anxiety, and sleep dysfunction. Physical symptoms are dependent on how long the problem has been there (days to years), what was the initial cause of the problem (auto accident, fall, repetitive use, scoliosis), and are there currently lifestyle issues that exacerbate the problem i.e.: heavy lifting, work environment, prolonged sitting, and prolonged standing.

When dealing with an individual’s body energy dysfunctions, the treatment gets much more complex and can take longer to see results. I have brought a tool into the office called an AcuGraph. The AcuGraph is an advanced measurement tool that allows us to test and see where the body energy problems are, and also gives us a read on improvement. In relation to an individual’s car or house there is an electrical system. AcuGraph can test the system and help provide answers to why certain health problems are there. If the energy is being taken from one system to keep another going, if there is a block in the line, or if we need to increase energy to the bodies overall energy. As with anything the longer the problem has been there the longer it can take for it to go away.

Acupuncture unlike surgery or medication doesn't have many if any side effects. If anything, the individual patient may feel some muscular soreness from the treatment because a needle is being inserted into the skin. The side effects of this are point tenderness, or mild muscular soreness in the area, which should be gone in 12 to 14 hours

Most people have had shots from their medical physician. Those are hypodermic needles. They are stiff, hollow and thick, they tear the target tissue to force or take a fluid from an area. The reason they hurt is due to this tearing to help give or take from the bodies blood flow system or vascular system. They should not be compared to acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needles are thin/fine and flexible, about a 10th of the size of the average sewing needle. In most cases they create little to no pain and are very comfortable. They do not tear skin or tissue; instead they slide through not causing any damage. Painless!!

Acupuncture SpecialistAcupuncture is an alternative treatment to taking pain medication. It won’t leave you feeling sick or drowsy. It helps by treating the root of the problem — directly! Most pain medication is taken orally and goes to the stomach and intestinal tract where it is broken down and absorbed into your vascular system, then goes to every part of the body affecting everything. Medications are also a cover, they don't heal or fix the core problem and in most cases because they mask pain, they can leave you vulnerable to further injury. Cortical steroid injections are placed at the location of the pain but can cause local tissue damage, which can have negative long-term harmful effects. This is also why most doctors will only give you 2-3 injections in the same place in a year. People forget, pain is a good thing! Pain lets us know that something is wrong. Blocking this or covering it up doesn't fix anything and in some cases can make you worse. Instead of blocking pain, acupuncture accelerates your bodies normal healing processes, which in some cases relieves or decreases your pain, naturally!

Acupuncture is a true whole body treatment. A good acupuncturist looks at physical, nutritional, and emotional aspects to every problem and not only applies treatments but also adds exercise and nutritional changes for better health.

Acupuncture versus Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic addresses mechanical function of a body. This includes bones, muscles and nerves. It normalizes balance and symmetry to an individual decreasing wear and tear that happens from our busy lifestyles thus taking stress off the nervous system and allowing our bodies function like a well oiled machine. Acupuncture addresses energy flow by removing any blocks or disruptions thus relieving symptoms.

I have always felt that a good analogy for the two types of holistic medicine is the structure and function of a happy home. Chiropractic addresses the foundation, walls, roof and electrical system. Acupuncture addresses air purity, airflow, temperature regulation, furniture placement, the amount of light and the people in the house. The combination of the two just makes the whole house more livable and healthy.

I feel that the combination of the two holistic treatments far outweighs pain medication by addressing not only the specific pain but also all the other aspects of that persons health that might have caused the problem in the beginning.

If a patient with low back pain came into my office I would look not only at their back pain but also at the hip, knee, ankle and feet to see if there are any old injuries or functional problems that may have caused an imbalance. Let’s say this individual had an old ankle injury that caused pain and weakness. That person may lean heavier to the opposite leg to avoid irritation. But just like a car where the tires are off balance there is an increase wear and tear, which causes the tire to need, replaced sooner than normal. Unfortunately you can’t change out body parts as easy as you can car parts.

Also because of favoring one leg more than the other there has been a shift in the pelvis making one leg appear and function longer than the other. Probably causing an increased wear on his or her shoe. This favoring and leaning now offsets the balance of the lumbar spine/low back. Over time, the disc has become weak from abnormal use and now it has shrunk and pressed the sciatic nerve causing not only low back pain but also numbness in that person’s buttock. Because the body wants to be symmetrical this will force a change that travels all the way up to the head. Which may be involved in the headaches mentioned as a side note.

Chiropractic addresses the mechanical issues and rebalances the muscular, skeletal problems, relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve. When we add in acupuncture to make sure this person’s energy is balanced as well, then he or she gets better faster, feels better through the day, sleeps better, and performs better on the job or is able to be more active with family and friends. Combined together, chiropractic care and acupuncture create a lasting treatment with minimal to no side effects.

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