About Aligned Health Chiropractic

Aligned health chiropractic was founded in 2009 in Virginia Beach, Virginia by Dr. Gregory Schierer to provide a better quality of chiropractic care to the community of Hampton Roads. Dr. Schierer believes that each patient that comes into his office deserves health and happiness and that each patient is to be treated like family! He does a blend of techniques including chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathic, oriental medicine, and neurological holistic techniques. Patients get a blend specifically designed for them because no one condition is the same.

Treatment with Aligned Health Chiropractic is focused on keeping patients drug free and surgery free — not just for their current aches and pain but for the rest of their life. Being healthy physically, nutritionally and emotionally is a lifestyle that we lead and want to help you lead as well.

Community Outreach

Dr. Schierer is happy serve his community. He has done educational seminars on sleep, stress, posture, nutrition, and exercise.

Please contact the office if you are interested in scheduling him for a talk or screening with your group or business at 757.200.2000 or email alignedhealthchiro@gmail.com.